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Best Kitesurf school in Rio de Janeiro


Wind Forecast

I bought the basic course, so

I just do already started with the
complete, the AKS is really the best kitesurfing school in Brazil
instructors are competent and
very attentive.
The equipment is modern enabling students advance quickly.

I'm very satisfied."


"In Aks you learn the truth, the location is very good for beginners and veterans.

The Araruama lagoon is the perfect place to practice.

I am very satisfeid with AKS."

Paulo Jr

" I went in knowing nothing and was 4 hours with the board on the feet.

In AKS you learn the truth, it's really worthwhile.

I will return to do the advanced course.

Igor Maciel

An unforgettable



High level of learning from the best instructors

The AKS is considered the best kiteboarding school in Rio before the more than 800 students graduated from our school.
They are 100% complete satisfaction of the students in the requisite quality, service and safety in kitesurfing.

Here at AKS kitesurfing lessons you have scheduled with total commitment in their training. We shape our course from the reports of dissatisfaction from other schools. So we have achieved our service excellence and prioritizing customer satisfaction!



Learn what Kite.

Kite English = kite, or kite surfing with! It is a mixture of windsurfing with skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, hang gliding. The athlete glides over the water on a wakeboard or a short board, pulled by the kite. It is a sport that does not harm nature, it is the athlete's interaction with the wind and the water surface.

The SUP is similar to surfing, but the start is immediate, people practicing out on the first day. No need to be an athlete, or practicing another sport ..

Kite Store

Learn how much equipment there.


Learn what's Stand up surf.

Sale of kites, boards, harness

Testimonials from students

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