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Best Kitesurf school in Rio de Janeiro

The Kitesurf - read more.

Kite English = kite, or kite surfing with!
It is a mixture of windsurfing with skiing, wakeboarding,

surfing, free flight. The athlete glides over the water in a

short board or a wakeboard, pulled by the kite. It is a

sport that not aggressive nature, it is the athlete's

interaction with the wind and the sea surface.
The Kitesurfing is a sport brand new and has been
practiced by many sailors windsurfing.
In São Paulo, the Guarapiranga reservoir, there are

practitioners since 1998. The world is a sport that is

gaining ground,  there are already some specialized

magazines in the world like Kiteboarding. The first attempts

to use the kite and sail were in the late 70s. Since then the equipment was evolving and Kitesurf turned into a fever.

In a recent tournament in France was recorded a jump with seven seconds long and there are video recordings of guys like Robby Naish, living legend in Windsurfing, jumping more than 20 feet tall with his kite.
A Kite equipment basically consists of two parts: the kite and board. The kite is constructed of the same material of the parachute and the same principle has some casks in which we can control its trajectory. The board may be a surfing with handles, a wakeboard or a mixture of both.
The strengths of Kites are: size, convenience in transportation and little wind to perform maneuvers. The negatives: the danger lines Kite, few serious accidents have occurred outside of Brazil and a few equipment suppliers.

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