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Best Kitesurf school in Rio de Janeiro

Fernando -  +55 (22) 9969-8090 | Juninho - +55 (22) 8131 - 6252



unforgettable experience



The AKS is considered the best kiteboarding school in Rio before the more than 800 students graduated from our school. They are 100% complete satisfaction of the students in the requisite quality, service and safety in kitesurfing.
Here at AKS kitesurfing lessons you have scheduled with total commitment in their training.
We shape our course from the reports of dissatisfaction from other schools. So we have achieved our service excellence and prioritizing customer satisfaction!
Classes are totally practices, where the student goes straight to the water with the kite to take their first lessons We are the only school with Kite Kitesurfexclusivos courses and customized for you!
We use a method of intensive teaching with IKO qualified instructors and totally new kites with latest security technology and auto relaunch. What facilitates learning and totally makes the student more comfortable and safely.

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