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Best Kitesurf school in Rio de Janeiro

Stand up surf

The SUP is similar to surfing, but the start is immediate,
people practicing out on the first day. no need
be an athlete, or practicing another sport. I know many
people dream to practice surfing. However, 90% of
people quit early. It's a difficult sport to be
practiced at the beginning because it takes a long time to

get the first wave. Likewise, it is not as surf riding
cycling as a month without physical activity,
you (surfer weekend), can not catch
The greatest difficulty in the surf is successful? Drop?,
moment in which the surfer reaches the speed of the wave, paddling prone, and stands up. The rowing requires a good physical condition for optimal, otherwise the wave passes and no surfer catches the wave. Worse, the surfer paddles not enough and catches the wave breaking, opportunity who knows? Wipe out?, Or in the good Portuguese, takes a cow. The SUP, stand up paddle, arrived to allow people, not athletes in having an exciting sport, with several grade levels. However, the big difference, and unlike surfing, anyone can stand up on the surfboard, paddle, and enjoy much the first day. Really, a very exciting feeling for those who do not practice any sport, and wants to get something different, whether alone, with friends and / or family.

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